Getting two alerts on "No data"


I have the following query and alert conditions:

This is basically checking if a temperature is between 36 and 38 °C.
At the moment it is returning no data.

This is my settings for “No data”:


If I look at the alert, it says State: Normal" and Health: nodata, however further down I see:

Why are there two alerts? The difference between the two seems to be labels “datasource_uid”, and “ref_id”. I assume the last is referring to the queries above, where A is the Flux query, and B,C are the conditions “Reduce” and “Threshold”. Why do B,C also return a nodata alert?

Hope someone can help me understand, and help me find a way to better handle the nodata case. At the moment it gives out two identical (because I’m not showing the labels that are different) alerts.


Hi @odneoksavik
Can you share your sections for this:

and this:

Sure! Didn’t include it because I didn’t think it would affect my issue:


Hmmmm…What if you change Expr B from Mode:Strict to something else? Does that change the outcome here:


I tried the two other options, but it did not have any effect.

This is really unusual. When I worked through examples here, I could not reproduce this behavior.

@georgerobinson Any idea why this is happening?

Hi! :wave: This is a bug in Grafana, it was fixed in Grafana 10.1 (Alerting: Exclude expression refIDs from NoData state by yuri-tceretian · Pull Request #72219 · grafana/grafana · GitHub).


I will look into upgrading, and will report back. Problem is probably solved then. Thank you both!

This solved my issue.
After upgrading to v 10.1 there is now only one instance giving “no data”.
Marked a solution.