How to: Grafana Alert Rules with Grafana Incidents

Hello team:

I have an on-premise implementation of open-source Grafana (version 10.3.1, running on top of docker-compose) and a basic subscription of Grafana Cloud. On top of my Grafana Cloud account I started Grafana Incidents.

According to the documentation, I should be able to “call” Grafana Incidents from a firing Grafana alert, provided that my Grafana environment is 10.3 (source: Declare incidents from firing alerts | Grafana documentation)

I am not sure whether this is a feature available in an open-source installation of Grafana. I do not find the “Grafana Incidents” popup menu on my firing alerts.

¿ Can someone please clarify if this is an Enterprise/Cloud only feature of Grafana?

Hints will be greatly appreciated.
Best regards


Hi @ralvez! This feature is only available for Grafana Cloud environments. I’ll check in with our Docs team to remove the Enterprise and OSS labels as that is certainly confusing.

Hello Melody, thanks a lot for the clarification.

As a workaround, I managed to use webhooks as a way to trigger a new incident in Grafana Incidents when the alert fires.I verified that the message comes to Incident.

Now my problem is: the new incident is generated in Grafana Incidents, but except for its timestamp, its title is always the same: “Incoming webhook incident (2024-02-06T01:20:00.271850477Z)

I was trying to play with the Grafana Alert Rules Contact Point´s configuration to alter somehow the notification to Grafana Incident. ¿ is the following section in the “Optional Webhook settings” the places I have to convey a different title to the message?

Thank you very much in advance