Alert Rules: Contact Point´s optional information not seen in Grafana Incidents

Dear team:
I programed my Grafana Alert Rules section in order for some alerts to trigger the creation of a new record in Grafana Incidents. I basically added a Contact Point that is declared as a webhook to Incidents.

The records are created in Incidents, but without the “context” information I am adding in the optional fields of the Contact Point. They always look like the following:

I do not know if I am working properly with the optional fields. In principle, I want to send just a simple message to see if it changes the title of the record in Incidents. So I included something like this in the Contact Point´s optional “Title” field:

The associated template is the following:

Captura de pantalla 2024-02-07 a la(s) 15.12.14

I tried other options, like the following, in the same “Title” field, trying to include some information related to the alert itself:

But nothing seems to alter the title of the incident record on the Grafana Incident dashboard. My Grafana alert rule environment is version 9, but just in case I also tried with version 10.3 without any change.

So in short the incidents get created but I am not able to convey the message to shape the title of the records in Incidents.

¿ Am I missing something?
Help will be greatly appreciated

Best regards.