How to get NO DATA to 0 when there is no data value.

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Have a question regarding the possibility of being able to change NO DATA to 0 (zero) in a visolation to a warehouse in Sweden. Today, when our truck drivers look at a queue in Grafana that has no assignments, it says NO DATA. The idea is to have 0 (zero) instead. Does anyone in this society have a solution to this?

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Welcome @gurrag
What kind of visualization plugin is this for?

try value mapping:

grafana 9



@valdemarpavesi1 Hello valdemarpavesi1, I’m using grafana 9 and followed your solution to change the "no data " to “good”.

The visualization plugin I used is table. As the following capture, it successfully showed “good”. But when I want to change the background color or the color of the text “good”, I tried and googled lots of webpages, and doesn’t find the way to change the background color or the color to text “good”.

I also tried the value mapping, it doesn’t work to map the special “empty” or “null” to the text “good” that I wanted.

Could you share the configuration about the color setting?
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If you want to have a zero when a time series is showing no data, you can add or vector(0) at the end of your query. After that, you can even do a mapping to that value if you want to express better what it means, specially when 0 means OK/Healthy/etc. I have used it for status report and it works perfect!