How to get multiple querys shown and sorted

i am trying for a decent time now to get this solved. I read a lot of forum posts about this but cant get it to work.
I have a Panel with Energy and Gas consumption and cost for each month of the year. Looks like this:

I would like to have the different Months as a header in a row on Top and the 4 numbers beneath the months in rows. Looks kind of this:

But i would like to have that in one panel, with just one row as header with the month names and first column with text type of measurement.

Is this somehow possible? I tried merge, outer join, etc. but cant get it to work…
The numbers are out of an Influxdb holding numbers from Openhab items.

Happy for an ideas about this.
Thnx in advance

Welcome @airmrmr

I don’t think you can do that with Stats panel
I would recommend you use Dynamic Text Panel for that.

Thnx for the quick answer. I will try that out.