How to get Ip Address and Hostname in Grafana Slack Alerts

HI guys i am new to grafana monitoring system. What i am trying to do is to get the ip address and hostname of the specific host when alert triggers.

I am using grafana 8.0.2 with Influxdb and telegraf. And for notification is Slack.

I getting notifications but with the message what wrote in alert section.

Please help me out.

Many Thanks.


Hi @syedusamasubzwari

I think you have a syntax issue in your message. Templated labels should go inside {{ handlebars }}:

I set up the alert template like this:

But I get it in telegram like this:
Снимок экрана от 2021-07-16 19-39-24

templates do not work.
what am I doing wrong?

Grafana v8.0.6 (68fe9e3431)

In defaults.ini:
enable = ngalert

@belanchuk are you using the Classic Condition in Grafana 8 alerts? If so you won’t have the labels available to you. You’ll need to create a multi-dimensional rule


Clear, i will try, thanks!

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