How to get Alerts in Azure Monitor to Grafana

I’ve Grafana installed in Azure VM and have connected it to Azure monitor data source, I was able to get metrics and query from log analytics workspace and Application insights.
How do i get the alert details?

@prakashraaj046 It’s possible to get that data into ElasticSearch, but I haven’t found a way to query it directly. I push the Azure Activity Log to elastic search via a Function App, Event Hub and Logstash. I can then see the alerts on a dashboard from the Gallery:

Not quite what you were hoping for :frowning:

I don’t use the Azure alerts much, so I set them all up in Grafana. If you don’t have many you could potentially transfer them across to Grafana dashboards.

Hi @bhozar do you have a guide on elastic search? anyway can i get your contact email address or where to buzz you thanks and looking for your fast response.