How to Format a table with tags as columns?

Im trying to format a table I am getting from influxdb and am wondering if it is even possible to do what I want to do.

I want to sort out a smart statistics table to show a few of the values and then display them by drive. ie

                                           Drive 1  |  Drive 2
         Reallocated sector count:              1   |   2
                  Read error rate:              0   |   0
                      Temperature:             29   |  31

Is this possible? Everything except the raw values are defined as tags so I can sort it down to show just those attributes but it just lists them out for like

Reallocated sector count: Drive 1:      1
Reallocated sector count: drive 2:      3 
Read error rate: drive 1:               2  
Read error rate: drive 2:               3

Try grouping by the tags