How to fixing the sorting feature in the table visual?

When clicking on a metric column to change the sorting order, there is an extra state which is neither ascending or descending. It’s like a mixed order of all the row values. For example, if the initial view is descending and when you click on the column it will switch to ascending and click again it doesn’t toggle back to descending - it goes to a mixed order. But if I click twice on the column header it goes back to descending. Why is it like this and how can keep it only ascending or descending ?

I believe that the default sorting, or what you’re calling the “third-setting”, sorts by time-ascending. In this state, the data should be sorted by the timestamps. Clicking the header of a column cycles to “sort by values in this column, ascending.” Another click cycles to “sort by values in this column, descending.” Another click and you cycle back to the time-based default sorting.