How to fix error 404 in opcua connector

when i have tried to set opcua as a data source it showing this error:-

grafana-opcua-datasource plugin failed

Error: 404 Not Found, loading http://localhost:3000/core:plugin/grafana-opcua-datasource.js (SystemJS Error#7 systemjs/docs/ at main · systemjs/systemjs · GitHub)
please help me to fix this error
i want to retrive data from OPCUA client and want to display the data to grafana dashboard

added successfully but no input fields are displaying

And showing this error:-

please help me

You can visit this URL for details but this plugin is depreciated as per the website

GitHub - grafana/opcua-datasource: An OPC UA datasource for reading from OPC UA servers (DA/HDA/AE) into Grafana directly

@mikhailvolkov @yosiasz can help you further with the problem