Grafana data source OPC UA

Hello everyone,
I have installed OPC UA data source on my grafana site, but it’s possible to write url.

Thanks for your helpfull.

I too have that issue where the URL Box is not accepting any text. The installed plugin is 1.2.2, just wondering if this is a bug with the latest release and if an earlier one would work.

There’s a new release v1.3.6 which is on Github at Releases · grafana/opcua-datasource · GitHub but not yet on the Grafana plugin site. The URL issue is fixed.

You can install v1.3.6 from the github repo however the signature is invalid when launched. Under Windows open up an administrator command prompt and navigate to the ./grafana/bin folder.

Run the command:

grafana-cli --pluginUrl plugins install grafana-opcua-datasource

…and this should install the latest version if you are connected to the Internet (I wasn’t but moved the VM).

If you are updating the opcua plugin then delete the contents of the ./data/plugins/grafana-opcua-datasource folder noting that you may have to stop the Grafana service to release DLL files.

This results in an updated plugin to v1.3.6 but the signature isn’t validated so nothing works.

Ed. Corrected which plugins folder to delete. An alternative is to uninstall the old opcua plugin.

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probably not a good idea to delete contents in that folder.

Yes, I corrected which folder to delete!

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does OPC UA offer a rest api approach, you will save yourself a ton of headache with a rest api approach.