How to extract multiple values from a single line result in a template variable

Platform: Linux | Windows
Version: Grafana 9.1.2

What am doing: I am querying a datasource using variable feature to pull some data to use for filtering.

Problem statement: The thing is the result from query I am getting is a single line string with values separated by a comma.
eg: INC001,INC002,INC003,INC004…

The twist here is, I want the result as an array of values such as “INC001”,“INC002”,“INC003”. but my datasource does not have any feature to split this string into an array.

And so I tried to use the regex feature to write a regex group to be able to extract only the words from the string, but sadly I couldn’t…

Current result:

What I want:

This is what I am trying to do:

Using regex group to extract all the values from that line.

I am sure some Regex Ninja will come by here and post a solution, but maybe this or this will help in the meantime?

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Nope, no chance…
It seems like that regex option is only extracting a value per row… which in my case I only have one single row

Select keep union
Select it union
Select simple 
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SQL ERROR: syntax error at or near simple :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying to hack it up, probably I will raise a PR soon to enhance that regex

Put quotes on values

Select 'keep' union
Select 'it' union
Select 'simple'

or another way

my view on regex, yes use it on rare occasions when you have no control on how the date comes to you. Imho I do not recommend it to be used willy nilly. and Definitely not to hack it up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

no but my datasource is returning comma separated values and I want to split thru all and get a final result :confused:

isn’t this your data source?


Yes, but I am getting that same result as a response…
That query is just a mock

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gotcha :+1: will the comma delimited data fluctuate from 3 values to 10 etc?

select unnest(string_to_array(incidents, ',')) as incidents
  from (select 'INC001,INC002,INC003,INC004' as incidents) a

no regex, no hacks, no PR

here comes the problem… have limited access to functions in db
and all split function are disabled…

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:scream: so what is the datasource providing you this data? a rest api?

also a csv datasource
and a postgresql - with limited access of functions

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