Multiple comma separated values


is it possible to show multiple comma separated values ?
i have a value: 27.10,36.14,1006.37
27.10 Temperature
36.14 Humiditiy
1006.37 Pressure

can i cut this value to show in a panel ?


What is your datasource?

Datasource is Influxdb

I don’t know of any string functions within Grafana (there may be some) but usually database datasources have lots of string functions to enable all sorts of processing. I am not familiar with Influxdb but you could start here perhaps:

The Problem is, i can’t do anything on the database, i have only read permission,
that’s why i wont make it with Grafana

With MySQL (and other) databases you can use functions within select statements (readonly) like:

select LENGTH(my_table_column) from my_table

You are not making any changes to the data.

So I would assume you could do the same with influxdb. So if that is a correct assumption you should be able to use a combination of string functions such as split, substring etc. Do some online searching, I am sure you will find some examples.

OK Thanks you, i will search again