Comma separated values in api:HOW

Hi, i have little issue when trying to connect one system with api.
I use Infinity i have api key with this type of data:
The issue is that in data section values are dynamic and they are separated with comma 1340323500000 and 59.460000000000001(59.460000000000001 is changing with different number).
How i can define this api output in Grafana?

Output now is in table but i cant use values from data":[[1622819100000,69.890000000000001],[1622819400000,59.460000000000001] and make chart bcs the out put from Infinity is 1622819100000,69.890000000000001 and goes on with different values.

Hi @divanovataro - You need to define your fields and their formats. Check if the below screenshot helps. ( replace the inline type of data with your url )

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I just need to point only selectors that you show me in this screenshot.For source i use URL bcs, the data is live and updates every 5 minutes.
10x for your help.