How to edit configuration file (.ini) on Hosted Grafana?

I am using Hosted Grafana.

How can I access my configuration file for edit?

Hi Ayag,

There is no direct access to the .ini file, if you’d like to make a change please send over an email to support team.

Is this still the case? locally hosted v7.3.7


Yes, this is still the case. For Grafana Cloud Pro users our Support team can make certain customizations to the grafana.ini file for your Grafana Cloud Grafana. You find some of those customizations here: Configuration customizations | Grafana Labs

You can find how to reach Support relevant to your Grafana Cloud subscription here: Account types and support options | Grafana Labs

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Thank you. If I am using the free version can I still make customizations?

All I am trying to do is eliminate or greatly extend the session timeout. I have my Grafana dashboard displayed in my office and once a week I have to log back in. How can I avoid this automatic logout (or at least extend sessions)?

INI customizations are not available under the Free version, however even under Pro, extending the session timeout further than the default 1 week this is not a customization we would make as this is in place for security reasons for all Grafana instances in Grafana Cloud.

I understand if the session timeout causes an inconvenience and will pass that on to our product teams for visibility.

Customer Success Engineer, Grafana Cloud

So it is not possible under the free version to extend the session timeout?

For security reasons it is not possible to extend session timeout in the Free or Pro tiers of Grafana Cloud.