Grafana Server Admin Settings


I am using Grafana cloud and I am trying to change some Server Admin settings. I have been referred to the Configuration page, but I still have some questions.

I downloaded Grafana onto my PC and can find the pathway and the custom.ini file.
I changed the settings I would like to change, but this is not reflected in my organization’s Server Admin Settings in Grafana. This makes sense to me because just because I downloaded Grafana does not link the custom.ini file to my organization’s Grafana server in any way.

How do I link the custom.ini file on my PC to change the Server Admin settings for my organization’s Grafana server?

I am hoping to change the auto-logout duration to be a longer length, but the Configuration page details that pretty clearly once I learn to change any settings using the custom.ini file.

My version is v7.3.7


Hi @rdh1 - it sounds like you are running a local instance of Grafana OSS. If you are using Grafana Cloud - our SaaS version of Grafana - you’d be accessing a URL like

If you’re having issues accessing your Grafana Cloud / SaaS account, feel free to open a support ticket and we’ll look into it for you!


Hi @daviddorman, I’m using Granfana Cloud and I can access to SaaS account, with admin role, but I can’t see the icon button for server settings. Why? How can edit the server settings?


Hi Pasquale! I think this may have been addressed in a ticket already, but some features present in Grafana open source (like the Server Admin shield icon) are not available in Grafana Cloud since it is a hosted environment and managed by Grafana.