Disable Server Admin console from Grafana dashboard

If I am using the Grafana dashboard and have my own user management in place, I do not need the Server Admin console option in the Grafana dashboard.
How do I go ahead and disable this option from the Grafana dashboard? Similar to the cloud version of Grafana.
Please suggest.

Thank you!

This is the option on the Grafana UI that I wish to disable. Any inputs on doing this the right way will be of great help.
Thank you.

Hi @mamabusi,

The server admin menu and icon in the sidebar disappear for users who are not admins. I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve. I don’t believe you can disable this entirely for those with user=admin roles.

Can you help me understand better what you are trying to achieve?

Thank you for the response @mattabrams
The Server Admin has user management capabilities, for example, creating a user, changing the privileges etc.; We have our own user management and do not want to do this via Server Admin.
That is the reason we want to disable this. I learn that it is just the default admin user is both an Admin and a Server Admin. Is it possible to mask the Server Admin role to the default admin user as well?

sorry I do not think that is possible without modifying the source code :man_shrugging:

Since the ‘shield’ icon is not available for the cloud version of Grafana, I was wondering- if there is a toggle way to disable the Server Admin console OR code wise, this option should be available already?