Server admin shield is not available for Admin users

We are using Grafana v9.3.13 version. Server admin shield is not available for Admin users.

Guys, we have see the Grafana Admin option enabled for the users and shield is showing now. Is there any way to enable the admin user since we have disable it from UI the existing users don’t have shield enabled.

Just to be clear: Grafana Admin role != Grafana server admin permissions, so it is valid that users with Admin role, don’t have Grafana server permissions.

Only user with Grafana server admin permission can set this permissions for other users. At least your initial Grafana admin user (that first user, which is available after installation) has this permission.

@jangaraj thank you for your response. Currently we don’t have any users with Grafana Admin option enabled and Admin user is currently disabled. We are not able to enable the admin user from UI. Is there any way to enable it back from backend. Currently I’m trying with SQLite options, but having some permission issues with the pods.

I’ve enabled frser-sqlite-datasource plugin and enabled the datasource and from there I’m able to run the SQLite query and enabled the admin account using the below quey

UPDATE user SET is_admin = 1 WHERE login = 'your_admin_username';