How to Display variable value

I am populating a variable and displaying it on my dashboard.I have two column in my query .
SELECT i.EMP_ID , i.EMP_NAME FROM employeetable i
I want to display only name in my dashboard and required empid in where clause .
currently my filter shows both of fields in select filter. I want to show only names in list and when i select any employee name query parameter should pick crosponding empid .

see query populate both columns i am required one only for display (as display member) and id as its value member
Please help

hi @alinizamani72
Please try adding _value and __text.
e.g. SELECT i. EMP_ID as __value , i. EMP_NAME as __text FROM employeetable i

Whatever database column is assigned as __text is used whenever the variable is displayed and whatever is assigned to __value is used as the actual value when Grafana makes a query.
Hope this solves your problem.