Dashboard variable not showing duplicate __text with different __value

I am having some issues displaying all names stored in a dashboard variable.

The problem that I am facing is that my table has 2 rows with the same name but different id. When I use the query "I used the query “SELECT name as __text, id as __value FROM myTable;”
the variable stores only one of the names.

I tried “SELECT DISTINCT name as __text, id as __value FROM myTable;” but it did not change anything.

I also tried hard coding it:
SELECT k AS “__text”, v AS “__value” from (values (‘John’,‘1’),(‘John’ ,‘2’)) v(k,v);
but the dashboard variable still gets only one of the names.

Is there a way to display duplicate __text but with different __value?

Ideally, my variable will list both duplicate names and each name will have a different value.

Thank you