How to display total count (value as a scalar) alongside a graph

Hello everyone,

I have a graph that looks like that (which is a count of http requests)

The query itself is something that’s given by my server provider which look like that:

sum(http_responses_count{}) by (status_code)

Now I would like to see on the right (where I put the red mark) the overall summed count within that time frame. So it should be a scalar number, right?

If it’s not possible to have that value displayed in the same panel on the right, I’m okay to have a dedicated panel that show only that number…

I tried (randomly I should admit) to use functions like increase or sum_over_time, etc. which I found when googling, but I’m not able to find how to make them work.
Sorry if this seems trivial but I never used Grafana before.

Thank you very much for any direction.