[Table Panel] Showing Count within time range in a Table

[This should belong in the Table Panel category, however I can’t seem to post to it - could a mod move it please?]

I’m trying to create a table in Grafana from a Graphite data source. The metrics are in the form of a count that is incremented by 1 each time an event happens (there are different kinds of events, so I’ve used a wildcard to pull them out). This is working fine, and can display the total count for each type of event, using a Time series aggregations table.

The issue is, I want to be able to show the number of events during the time range selected in Grafana. Currently, the count is just the total number, irrespective of that. Is there a way to show the difference between the count at the start and end of the time range, or another method to display the information I want?

Thanks in advance.