[Grafana] How do I create a graph for sum of status-code in time period

Hi all,

I have this InfluxDB query for status-code per second:

SELECT sum("value") FROM "http_reqs" WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval), "status"

Which results in this graph:

However I want another graph (bar chart) which is simply a tally of all status codes seen.
Status Code 200: 123
Status Code 404: 5
Status Code 500: 15

I thought it would just be the case of removing the “time($__interval)” group by.
But that hasn’t done the trick.

Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you

Hi @RobWaterhouse95 , welcome to the community forum :tada:

For the period that you are looking at this is the Total column at the end.

If you want it for all eternity (which you probably really don’t) I don’t think grafana can do that as it’s designed to show you values for a given time.

You can probably make a non graph panel like a table ? But I do think that at this point you will be better served by the grafana support as they have better understanding and way more experience with making functional and good looking dashboards from any data :wink:

Hope this helps you