Displaying Apache HTTP status codes over time

I am using the following versions of Grafana and Zabbix
Grafana 9.3.2
Zabbix 6.2.6

The idea is to take an apache log and ingest it into Zabbix with just the generalised http status code i.e. 2/3/4/5 or 2XX/3XX/4XX/5XX and then I am looking to have these counted up and displayed in a time series graph.

I have tried a great many things however when the query is treated as a metric the results seem to be averaged which messes with any kind of reduction of the values in the queries (i.e. making a query that just RemoveAbove and RemoveBelow to get just the 2XX messages).

I had hoped at one point that treating the value as text would fix this but I could not get any transforms to look like they would work. PartitionByValue got my hopes up but I could not seem to get the count or distinct count to display a value correctly.

I just want to be able to show a stacked time series graph to display the different types of HTTP status codes and their amount.

I looked for any online guides or existing help / articles however I could not seem to find any that matched what I was trying to do (maybe my google-fu is failing in my old age!).