Something Out Of Something - Which Panel To Use? Newbie Question

Can someone point me in the right direction of which panel to use or an example somewhere?

I want to display the amount of windows services running out of a total of windows services monitored so if I was monitoring 7 services and 6 of those were running it would be 6/7. Obviously I would want to highlight if I didn’t have 7/7 by changing green->red or something similar.

I’m using zabbix query so am pulling back items matched by a regex that have a time series each.

I know that I want to “reduce” the query to last value for each of the items time series which will be the last known status of the service.

Then I want to organize the fields to chop out the item name, leaving essentially one column of values which would be the last known status of the service.

Then I want to count the amount of items (to give me the total count)

Then I want to count the items where the reduced field is zero (which is the windows value of a service that is “Running”). To give the amount of services that are classed as running.

Which panel should I be looking at to displaying this?

Is there anywhere on the internet that I can look at to see how panels are configured?

Zabbix, Nagios, Icinga are the tools I first think of for your use case. There is nothing inherently “time series” in your display which is to my understanding what Grafana is all about. So - why?

I’m trying to give an overview in a header part of a dashboard and essentially want a gauge, but in X/Y format. This panel is not the only panel I’m displaying - it is just one that I’m having a problem figuring out how to do it.

I am frontending zabbix with grafana.

The problem really comes from the “out of” bit. A piechart wouldn’t really display the “out of” as that really is displaying a %, the same with a gauge (unless someone can tell me different?)

I could do it by a polystat panel as each service would be represented as a separate polygon which could then be coloured red/green dependent on the last result for each service, but you would have to manually count the polygons to find the total - I want a more blatant statement. A polystat panel would possibly take up a lot of space.

I’ve also been trying to graph fractions (something out of something), in my case disk space usage (not percentage, as percentage loses the disk size), and I have not found a way to date.

It looks like grafana was only ever designed to graph simple values, which has been very frustrating for us.

Most Grafana users are using a query language like PromQL or Graphite that support fractions so Grafana only graphs simple values as you say.

The new transformations feature which have just added in 7.0 is starting to backfill data sources that can’t do that. See the Add field from calculation transform