Zabbix-Grafana Plugin Sum Current Values

Hi Folks, First off… THANK YOU to Alexander for the Zabbix plugin!!!

I am having a tough time getting my dashboard looking right. Basically, I have 6 SingleStat panels that I want to display the LAST (current) value obtained from the Zabbix item, then I also want to have another SingleStat panel that is basically the sum of the other 6 panels. However, they never match up. The sum of the values rarely exceeds 1,800 … but the total pane will be off anywhere from 10-75%. And it seems tied to the time frame (the shorted the time frame, the more “off” that the “total panel” will be). I would think if I am trying to collect the sum of the most current values, that would be constant as long as I was using the same end time…or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for your help!