Issue with Stat panel and Total

I’m pulling print data from Zabbix into Grafana. I have a time series graph showing the data (its 10 minute intervals) and also a stat panel that uses the total function to add up the values shown within the timeframe.

I have an issue in that if i select the last 2 days i get 2583 prints, yet if i choose the last 7 days i only 779 prints.

Surely 7 days worth of printing would include the last 2 and there for be higher or equal to 2583 prints.

Are you on 9.3.1? I’m also seeing issues with the stat panel, seems to be omitting values with a 7d interval vs 1h interval. I downgraded back to 9.2.6 and no longer seeing this issue so try giving that version a try.

I’m on version 9.2.4

I’m still having this issue with version v9.3.6, I’ve searched to see if anyone else is having the issue with the stat panel but i can’t find any which would surely lead to it not being a bug and something i’m doing?

Interestingly if i look at the stats of the stat panel, on 2 days there is 288 rows of data but 7 days there are only 53.

Is this an issue with the Zabbix plugin for Grafana?