How to display text into grafana?

hello, I am new in this forum, I am using grafana from home assistant for monitoring all my offgrid solar system. I am using ESP32 and esphome to send data from several “solar item” to my home assistant. I cant find how to display a text from a esphome “text_sensor”
I need to display “Bulk” from esphome logs
can you help me ?

What do you have for value option setting?

hello yosiasz,
thanks for your reply, do ypu mean I have to use “STAT” if I want to display a string text ?
how to do?

Value Options not Styles

I am sory, I do not understand what you mean
in STAT for value option I can choose “calculate” or “all value”

Hi @cristofguerin,
Here is how you can set set Stat panel to show metric name. I added Alias name to my query so that I get CPU_Metric_Name insteda of cpu.sum but that is optional.

Note: If you have a metric (a.k.a. field in influxdb) which stores string then you need to change Text mode from Name to Value. You can have multiple queries inside Stat panel and the panel will show multiple strings.

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