How to display stat panel like single stat used to?

How do you get the stat panel to display with the label on the top and the value in the middle like single stat used to? Right now I can only get the label on the left and the value on the right but I see on the stat page that it has a picture with it displayed pretty much how I want:

What is the setting to get the label on top?

It will depend on the settings you have for text size and the actual height/width of the panel. e.g. if you make a vertical layout panel which is not very tall it will likely show the label and value on one line. If you stretch the panel to be taller you will get the value under the label.

Just to add to what @codlord wrote, yes, the width of the panel will determine where the value goes. See 3 examples below (all from Grafana 8.2.5):