How to display additional information on each point in a graph in Grafana+InfluxDB

I have Grafana 7.5 with InfluxDB 1.7.8.

The DB is basically storing the size of a container for each image builds, being build different every time and an important piece of information.

An example of how the DB looks like:

> select * from size
name: size
time                build value version
----                ----  ----- -------
1650440494922639073 1.1   203   0.1
1650440501807252201 1.2   207   0.1
1650440501807252201 1.3   208   0.1

My query looks like this:

SELECT "value" FROM "size" WHERE "version" = '0.1' AND $timeFilter

and Iā€™m using the Graph to represent the data.

When I place the mouse over the data points, it only displays the value (size) and I would like to show the build as well.

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