How to create vertical line in histogram chart

Hi everyone I’m using grafana 9.1.2
I would like to create histogram chart with “red vertical line” but I have not seem histogram chart have this feature.

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at the moment this feature has not been implemented yet.
although, histograms are still in beta phase.

i’d advise you to enter the open discussion so the team that develops this visualisation knows about your interest in having annotations in histograms.

Maybe you might want to look at apache eChart plugin for grafana.

@mikhailvolkov might also have an idea.

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It’s possible to do this with Apache ECharts. It’s called markLine like in the example.

@yosiasz You provided v4 examples, which are dated. We also migrated many examples to Grafana on available in the Edit mode. It’s an excellent way to start using Apache ECharts.

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