Color Points on Line Chart

I’d like to display a line chart and color a few designated points in it. These points should be big and in red, whereas the rest of the points in the line chart can be small and in, say, green. Is there a chart that can do that?

I’ve had the idea that I could display two series on the chart, one representing the green points and one containing only the red points (there would be only a handful of them). But then I’d need two different visualisations - the green dots should be connected with a line, the red dots not.

As far as I have gleaned from the docs, overlaying different charts is not possible. Any other ideas?

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Check this out, it is also a grafana plugin

Well, I can do this example also in Grafana with the stock charts, but what I described above is to color a subset of points, not all of them.

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Is there really no way to do such a simple chart in Grafana or with any of its plugins?

It should look like this:

I can make the data look like anything required for Grafana to understand which points to display in which color.

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It turned out that the solution is to draw two charts and change the display properties for the second chart via the “overrides” mechanism.