How to create double bar charts?

Hello all,
I want to compare the storage internal and external of each version. But I cant create the chart like image :

This is my query :

select buildid , SUM(size) as size , type, (array_agg(inserttime))[1] as time
from tbl_disk
group by buildid, type
order by buildid;

The data when I run query on console :

 buildid                               |          size     | type |            time
 7e048c8b-9998-4222-8c83-ecea7ddf233b  | 228215.439677622 |    1  | 2018-05-28 16:29:54.657+07
 7e048c8b-9998-4222-8c83-ecea7ddf233b  | 22688.4199380986 |    0  | 2018-05-28 16:31:42.218+07
(2 rows)

and chart after query :

How can I create the chart like image with Grafana , please tell me if you have any suggest.

Suggest me if you have any idea, please.

Oh man, I’d love to have that to be able to compare last year and this year solar production!