How to create grafana multiple bar chart


im trying to create grafana with multiple bar chart and failed to do so.
my goal is like that -
X-Axis will present test name and Y-Axis the results for the test fir each version.
something like that -
no mater which SQL i used, i failed to get this, any advise / guide will be appreciate.

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Welcome @eladbren !

There’s a really great YouTube tutorial that goes over how to create a multi-series Grafana bar chart. In the video he shows you the original source data, what the panel expects, and how to wire things together. Hope this helps

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What version of grafana are you using?
What data source are you using?
Please share your query?


Version 9.4.7

My data source code is PostgreSQL

And this is my query –

with elad as(

select throughput, version, test_name, gw_ip, gw_name, gw_model,

dense_rank() over( partition by version order by throughput desc)

as “rank” from test_results tr where test_name= ‘waf_krp_https_gen1’


select distinct version, throughput, test_name, gw_ip, gw_name, gw_model

from elad

where rank= 1 and gw_model = ‘X8520’ order by version ASC


What does the result of that query look like in pgadmin?