Bar charts from time series

Can Grafana make bar charts?

I’m new to Grafana, trying to decide between Grafana and Kibana. Grafana is so much more elegant that I am hoping it will satisfy my use cases. I have tried some examples, but I cannot get the bar chart case below to work.

Given a time series where each timestamped row has two additional values: a location identifier (chosen from a small set) and a count of the number of observations collected in the hour ending at the timestamp, I would like to plot a bar chart with the locations along the horizontal axis each with a bar for the total number of observations seen for the period chosen with the time picker.

I would prefer to use Elastic as my store.

There was a similar question recently, but it went unanswered.

Sample data:

 2017-11-03T04:37  A  256
 2017-11-03T06:48  B  158
 2017-11-03T08:36  C  167
 2017-11-03T10:06  A  237
 2017-11-03T12:45  A  206
 2017-11-03T14:04  C  121
 2017-11-03T16:14  B  186
 2017-11-03T18:03  B  138
 2017-11-03T20:56  C  144
 2017-11-03T22:22  A  184