How to count only filtered data?

Hi all! I’m monitoring a database that has text data, like: dog, dog, dog, cat, bird, dog, cat, bird,cat,bird.

I need to create a panel that shows the percentil of every animal in the choosen interval. Example: in the last 24h -> 40% dogs, 30% cat, 30% bird

I’m using grafana with Zabbix plugin (by Alexander Zobnin) and I’m not being able to build this dashboard. When I filter the text and use “count”, for then calculate the %, it count all lines, not only the ones with the ocurrence of the filtered text. So I can not use create a calculated field. How can I do it?

Many thanks in advance!

Which visualization panel are you using?

Hi. I’m using a Table panel.

Hi, can you screen shot what the table data looks like before any transformations?