How to configure 2 identical queries in on panel?

Grafana newbie here, I am using Grafana with Squid proxy logs and I am trying to create a panel that will monitor 200 and 503 code for 2 peer hosts.

I have set the queries:

In the panel itself I get this:

Basically, what I would like is for the panel to show only “” and “” once, and when I click on one of them it will show me both the 200 and 503 codes in different colors.

It is also important to me that they will be in different queries since I want to set an alert for when 200 stops logging and 503 starts logging.


I’m not sure what you mean by “show only…once.”

For the colors, you can set that with a Series override in the Graph panel.

You might also consider making other panels to show some of the results separately. If you use the –Dashboard-- data source, then you can share the queries from this panel in others without adding to your network cost.