How can we add multiple queries in status panel and change color of panel according to threshold set by us?


i am trying to add multiple queries on status panel and need to change color according to result.

ultimately we want to achieve if anything is in critical stage under my WL page,then the main status panel page should display RED color there.

lets say for Example: we are having a application hosted on WL having 10 JVM’s.

on grafana i can see up time,hogging thread,heap memory etc…Now we want to create a status panel page where if anything is in critical stage,then color of the application in status panel page should turn into RED.

i have achieved this thing with one of the parameter(heap memory),but when i am adding hogging thread into that page,color is not getting changed for the remains same as it was earlier. although it is displaying new parameter but color of status panel is not changing according to other hogging thread threshold set.

That’s not supported in the singlestat panel. I would suggest trying out some other plugin, like