Status Panel doesn't change colour when threshold is breached


We are using status panel to check for uptime,downtime ,warning/critical. Noticed just now that even though the threshold is breached for warning, the colour still remains green,infact it should have changed to yellow. We also shutdown the server and still no change in colour.Still it is green.

Note: We are using current connection metric in select statement i.e "filter(curr_connections) ".
Also in under options>> threshold>> following values

Display Alias: Always
Display Value: When Alias Displayed

Similarly.under metric display type.

Handler Type: Number threshold
Display Position: Regular
Units: None
Decimals: 2

Status Panel: v1.0.8
Grafana Version: v5.2.2

Can someone please help on this urgently please.

Thanks in advance.

Darshan Hegde

I tried the panel with those settings and it does change for me:

Value 5:

Value 0:

and value above 5:

OK, that is strange.

I am using memcached datasource. Also just want to know how do you add the scenario section in the metrics, because for me it only shows query and I need to add some query. Cannot see any option for scenario and manual entry.

Also can you try one thing for me.
Since you are using a TestDataDB DS and if you add a query for a particular metric and then if you go to options and add the threshold there , will it work?

Since you are doing this manually, I think it will work, just wanted to know in a scenario where you shutdown the DB and see the connection count to 0 and if that turns red.

Darshan Hegde

Please find my status panel . Would require your help. I think my mistake might be that we are not adding the value in the metric tab instead we are adding it in the options tab under display settings,maybe because we are getting it that way

That’s the query editor for the TestData DB datasource, your datasource query will look different. Looks like you are using influxdb.

Query A from the “metrics” tab is going to be automatically tied to Metrica: A in the “Options” tab, and from the above setting will be the last value.

I think your query is not returning valid data. You can check query results by using the query inspector option in the metrics tab. You may need a “group by” or additional fields to narrow it down to the metric you want.

Thanks . The issue is resolved. Based on the query inspector I realized the values we have set as threshold is wrong, when I readjusted the values it works like a charm.Also under options tab, we need to add alias for the metric else it wont work.

We hit the same problem.

The solution was, that the Alias and the Legend must be equal. Otherwise, the panel is always green.

Hello, can you clarify what you mean by “legend”