How to Clear Grafana Pending Alert

The Alert Notification value for a CPU Util % has been met and shoult have triggered a notification, but no notification email was sent. In the Alerts section I only find an entry for the target system that indicates the CPU Util % has been in Pending for 5 days which is when the Dashboard was created. Performing a test on the Alert condition for the CPU Util % returns false. Why is the Pending status not cleared? Is there a way to manually clear it?

Test Output:


conditionEvals:“false = false”




message:“Condition[0]: Query Result”



message:“Condition[0]: Eval: false, Metric: CPUUtilization_Average, Value: null”



message:“Condition[0]: Eval: false, Metric: CPUUtilization_Maximum, Value: null”



message:“Condition[0]: Eval: false, Metric: CPUUtilization_Minimum, Value: null”


Could it be because there is no value received?

It says “Condition[0]” on all 3 objects, is that correct?

Thanks for jumping in. I’ve just started using Grafana last week. I setup about 10 Dashboards based on CloudWatch datafeeds with 5 Panels each and Alerts/Notifications on each. This is the only metric that is having this trouble.

The Alert test does show Condition[0], but the chart for the metric shows data coming consistently.

We got a notification from CloudWatch, but nothing from Grafana. Not sure how to resolve this.

I tried dropping the Panel and recreating it. Still have the same issue with the test output. The Alert section still shows it has been in that state for 5 days.