Grafana Value get null or incorrect when state is normal


I have created the CPU usage alert when it reaches 80% in time series data.I set the condition A now 5m to now

when Last A above 80.

I am getting the alert when cpu usage reaches 80 max and receving the correct value in notification mail but when cpu usage is ok (state is going normal) the value getting null or incorrect in Resolved alert.Please see the attachments.

Hi @gourabkumar,

Please provide your attachments as it seems you forgot them while posting the question.

Hello @usmanahmad

I had set the alert when cpu reaches 50%.

Now 5m to now

when Last A above 50

I have received the incorrect value in resolved notification when state is normal.Value should be below 50% when i received the resolved notification.

basically i want the correct value when state is alerting and when state is normal but some times i am getting incorrect value and sometime getting NULL value.I am not know where i am wrong.

@usmanahmad I have same problem with telegram notify; when receive the RESOLVED events they are with value null.

Value: [ var=‘B0’ metric=‘Power_Used.last’ labels={} value=4.8176 ]

Value: [no value]

Have you found a solution?