Grafana triggers alert when the condition is not met

Hi! I have created an alert for a specific graph. When I test the conditions, I get a correct preview and query, also got the email with the firing and the values that were met. The things is that, if I leave the alert there for some time, I get random firing/resolved emails, the value is empty and the value in the graph is below of my desired number.

To be clear: I want an alert when the result of the query is above 200. Just for testing, if I have put it above 10 which the condition is met all the time, I get correct emails. If I leave the alert with the number I really want, I get alerts without the value and the value is above 200 when I check the graph.

Have you seen this before? I am using Grafana 8.3.2.

Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @acsafe4

general advice:

first make sure that you are using the new Unified Alerting platform

second, search this forum and the grafana github repo for similar posts. This comes up a lot :+1: