How to change the font size in grafana ;7.3.3

i want to increase the size of font in 7.3.3 version of grafana .
how to update , my fonts are tool small ,
is there any way to display data on top of the bars.instead of hovertip

To increase the font size in Grafana version 7.3.3, you can follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Grafana instance and navigate to the Dashboard you want to modify.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the dashboard and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  3. In the “Settings” page, select “General” from the left-hand menu.
  4. Under the “General” tab, you can adjust the font size by changing the “Default font size” option. You can increase the value to make the font larger.
  5. Once you’ve made your changes, click “Save” to apply the new font size.

Regarding your second question, to display data on top of the bars instead of the hover tip, you can use the “Bar Gauge” panel in Grafana. This panel allows you to display the data value on top of the bar. To use the Bar Gauge panel, you can follow these steps:

  1. Add a new panel to your dashboard.
  2. Select the “Bar Gauge” visualization type.
  3. Configure your query and select the fields you want to display.
  4. Under the “Options” tab, you can enable the “Value labels” option to display the data values on top of the bars.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Thanks for your response. But there is no font option in general tab please see the below screen shot

do you follow my all guidelines step by step?

I can’t see “Default font size” option here in your screen shot?

yes marin, This is only General tab we in 7.3.3. But here there is not Default font size option

and if i use bargraph for below graph

I am getting as , where month wise its not showing

query what i used for both is

  DATE_TRUNC('month',"request"."CLOSETIME") as time,
  count("request"."CASEID_C") as "Total",
  sum(CASE WHEN "request"."SLARESOLUTIONSTATUS_C" = 'Within SLA' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) as "Within SLA",
  sum(CASE WHEN "request"."SLARESOLUTIONSTATUS_C" = 'Out of SLA' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) as "Out of SLA",
  sum(CASE WHEN "request"."SLARESOLUTIONSTATUS_C" <> 'Out of SLA' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) * 100 / (CASE count("request"."SLARESOLUTIONSTATUS_C") WHEN 0 THEN 1 ELSE count("request"."SLARESOLUTIONSTATUS_C") END) as "SLA %"  
FROM "view_452599770"."request" "request", "view_452599770"."productmapping_c" "productmapping_c"
WHERE $__timeFilter("request"."CLOSETIME") AND 
  "request"."PRODUCT_C"="productmapping_c"."ID" AND
  "productmapping_c"."PRODUCTUNIT_C" IN ($PU) AND
  "productmapping_c"."PRODUCTLINE_C" IN ($Product_Line) AND
  "productmapping_c"."DISPLAYLABEL" IN ($Product) AND
  "request"."SEVERITY_C" IN ($Severity) AND
  "request"."CUSTOMERNAME_C" IN ($Customer)
  GROUP BY DATE_TRUNC('month',"request"."CLOSETIME")
  ORDER BY DATE_TRUNC('month',"request"."CLOSETIME");

Any reason you cannot upgrade to at least the last version 8.x?

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I also don’t see this option in Grafana 8.5.5… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Same thing with version 10.3.3, I also checked the JSON model, nothing as well (except for date size).