Can i change font size in a panel

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can i change font size in a panel,at present i want use granafa and grafana image renderer to generate pdf for report ,but i find the font size is too small ,it seems very ugly,how can i change the font size ,thanks


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Hi @fe215232426,

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What panel visualization you are using e.g. Stats, Gauge etc ?

Reopening this thread.

I do have multiple visualization panels. Bar gauges, bar charts, Text, etc.

How can we change (and standardize) the font size in a fast manner?

sorry,my english is not very good,because i am a chinese.This problem no longer affects me。but another problem arises。when i use grafana generate pdf ,the pdf doc always have a time zone on the can i remove the time zone.

Hi @fe215232426 and @walterpintor

So after searching out, it is not possible to change the panel text size to a custom one as its just standard plain text.

However, I feel the need could be helpful in terms of readability and therefore created this Feature request in our Github OSS discussions

I also suggest that you put your input there so that the engineers can tell whether it is possible or not.

Can you please tell as what are your exact steps to produce the PDF?