Font in Grafana

Hello There,

What is the font used for panel tittles in grafana.

Is it Times New Roman or something different? and is there a way to customize the font size?.

Thank You

The panel titles uses the “Roboto” font from Google (it’s the same as Android and ChromeOS uses as the system font). Here’s a link to where you can read more about it:

We don’t have an official way to customize the font size for the panel titles, but it’s a feature request we’re tracking on GitHub, if you have a GitHub account you can add your :+1: to the top comment to show that this is something you’d like:

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Thank You for the reply.

Does that really help decide direction though? Your top voted feature request (by nearly double the next closest feature request, almost 1K up votes) that’s been open for nearly 4 years still isn’t implemented and there’s been zero feedback from the Grafana team on it. As an Enterprise customer, I’ve also requested it. I believe that really does very little.

@caleb I’m really not the right person to give you a satisfactory answer to your question (I’m not in any position to give you any promises), but since you’ve reached out I’ll give you whatever answer I can.

The short answer is “yes, a little”. A :+1: influences the areas we’re focusing on and what goals we’re setting when we’re working on those areas. The :+1:s are also really useful when I want to do something, they allow me to point out that it’s a feature that the community has requested. They do not however function as a todo list where we pick up the top requested feature and implement that as-is and then go on to the next one.

The issue you’re referring to is in the alerting block, and the alerting area have fallen behind the rest of Grafana development-wise, and it’s something we really have to fix. That said, fixing alerting is about more than adding the highest requested features. We need to fix alerting at it’s core, and adding new functionality is secondary to getting that done.

Since there’s no deprecation of the reactions over time, the top of the list will be dominated by a bunch of old high value / high complexity issues which accrue :+1:s over time. In addition to these feature requests, we also have internal lists of feature requests from enterprise customers.

Communication with the community is hard, we have a lot of incoming threads to pick up, and until very recently that has been the role of the core development team and that’s been a major cause of growth pain.

When are you planning to customize the fonts in Grafana? Is there a way we can modify in our code with font type of our choice for table panels?