Adjusting Title Font Size for Bar Chart Graph in Grafana 10.0.3

Greetings Grafana enthusiasts,

I’m currently working with Grafana version 10.0.3 and I have a bar chart graph in one of my dashboards. I’m aiming to enhance the visual impact of my graph by modifying the font size of the title.

However, in Grafana 10.0.3, I’m unable to locate a direct option for altering the font size of the title for a bar chart graph. Unfortunately, the custom CSS option is not available in my version, which would have been a common approach.

If any of you have experience with Grafana version 10.0.3 and have successfully adjusted the title font size for a bar chart graph, I’d greatly appreciate your guidance. Whether there’s a hidden setting, a unique workaround, or any other method to achieve this, your insights would be invaluable to me.

Thank you for your expertise and assistance!