How to build a Polystat graph like the one in Synthetic Monitoring

I want to reproduce this graph and add it as a widget in one of my dashboards… but I can’t find which query to use :frowning:

Unfortunately in the Synthetic Monitoring plugin, this graph can’t be edited/copied/duplicated, so I can’t see how it us built



what do you mean which query to use?

Also this dashboard you speak of, is it a none grafana dashboard?

In the Synthetic Monitoring plugin, some of the graphs can be edited. When editing, I can see the query, so I can use the same query to reproduce the graph in my Grafana Dashboard.

For example, I can edit and check the query of the HTTP Latency graph

But the Polystat Graph can’t be edited, so I can’t see the query.

I just want the same graph in my default Grafana Dashboard.

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And the polystat viz you posted image of, where is that from?

For starters just to get an idea of things

  1. Install polystat plugin and infinity plugin
  2. Create a fresh dashboard using polystat and infinity as data source
  3. Set infinity as csv inline

You will see start of polystat visualization

And the polystat viz you posted image of, where is that from?

From the Synthetic Monitoring plugin. How do I get the same data?

Each green item represents a website (aka “checks”) with its online/offline state.
Synthetic Monitoring uses Grafana Cloud

From what website?

I detailed on how you can get started. Did you follow that?

I know how to add a graph to the dashboard and get started. I’m asking how to get the data from Grafana Cloud to populate the Polystat graph (or any other graph that produces similar result, it could be squares or whatever) so it looks like the screenshot I posted.

This is the plugin I use:

  1. install plugin on a local grafana instance
  2. add some sites to check
  3. click on “checks” tab and change display to “visualization view”
  4. create a new dashboard
  5. now, how do I get the same graph on this new dashboard?
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I cant seem to be able to get that in on prem grafana using Polystat