Starting with Grafana


I am beginner and try to understand how Grafana runs but need your help :slight_smile:

I tried to set up my first dashboard by adding a data source, I clic on “Save & test” > It runs.
In fact I want to use REST API to get status of an object (online / offline).

I need help for the second step, that is to say how to set up a graph on my dashboard with this data source.

Thanks for your help !

.> Simply click on Save and Test. If there will be any error you will see error message and fix it.

Thank you for your answer, the “Save & Test” is ok for me, I juste need help for the second step > Use this data source with a graph or anything else.

Click on Dashboard icon and then open make visualization. Make that pane editable and all the stored tables which are stored in database will be shown to you like.

infront of query you will select your database name which you have mentioned while creating connection .

This is what I have :