Building a Stat graph with data from Grafana Synthetic Monitoring (load speed and up/down status)

I’m trying to build a Stat graph using the data from Synthetic Monitoring

  • Each site displayed in its own card, only one card per per site (aka ‘Check’ in Synthetic Monitoring)
  • Card is red when the site is down and green when the site is up
  • A chart in the card displays the history of probe_duration_seconds
  • Display the latest page load speed in milliseconds

First attempt… The chart works, but the same sites are displayed multiple times

If I change the type to “Instant” instead of “Range” then each site is displayed only once (great) but the chart disappears

The other problem is that the card doesn’t change color to red when the site is down. This is because for some reason, even when the site is entirely down Grafana will still record checks with the page load time

So I think the only way to detect if the site is down is to check the boolean probe_success then use this value to define the card’s color

For example, I tested with this query instead

Then added Value Mapping and color 0=red 1=green

How can I combine all of those charts to achieve the initial goal (red bg when down, display last load time in milliseconds with chart )