Changing how timeouts are printed on the chart

I added a check for a non-existing domain in Synthetic Monitoring. But Grafana is still recording data just as if the website is responding

I have set the timeout value at 10 seconds. Is it possible to display the timeouts/errors as 10 seconds response on the chart instead? So when the site is down it shows as the max timeout value instead

This would help to visualize when sites go down.
For example, on this graph, I monitor 30 websites, currently, 4 are down but I can’t see them on the graph because it appears as low response times instead of 10s

Try to use a logarithmic scale instead of linear. That will give you better visualization for small values.

Us up metric for nonexistent domain. That’s probe duration and it make sense that it has some value - probe will try to resolve that nonexistent domain anyway, which needs some time.

Yes but even with log scale it would make more sense if the timeouts were recorded as the max value, this is how my other monitoring tool works

Maybe there is a way to do it with code?
Something like
if success=false then replace the value with 10000ms